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Oh Kai

Oh Kai



Columbia MFA Thesis Exhibition Class of 2024, Wallach Gallery, NY, USA Fantasy in Abstraction, AHL Foundation Gallery, NY, USA Leaps of Consciousness, ZAZ 10 Time Square, NY, USA The Lafayette Rendezvous: Contingents and Convergences, RAINRAIN, NY, USA Derby Match:Watchman and Spy, Museumhead, Seoul, S.Korea in medias res, theBlanc Gallery, NY, USA Columbia MFA Summer Exhibition Part 1, Storage Gallery, NY, USA Autohypnosis, G Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea Sip from the Skull, Tipsy Shanghai 6, NY, USA The Postmodern Child Part 2: Do Not Cook Special Meals for a Picky Child, Busan Museum of Contemporary Art, Busan, S.Korea K90-99 Hybrid Visions: Searching for the Digital Era, L.U.P.O., Milan, Italy BGA INDEX:Open Storage, BGA INDEX, Seoul, Korea SUJANGGO.Base Station, Mother Offline, Seoul, Korea GNADE, Galerie der Künstler-BBK, München Germany See it, Touch it, Alterside, Seoul, Korea Debugging, Mirrored Sphere, Seoul, Korea Born in 1992: China-Korea Exchange exhibition, Waitan #18 Gusa Art gallery, Shanghai, China This Title is Not Available in Your Region, 132 Perry st., New York, USA Temporary Landing, TINC, Seoul, Korea AI with Weird Wonderland, Celine Park Gallery, Seoul, Korea Mind Control, Artist Proof, Seoul, Korea Hinterland, New Art City, Online exhibition Super-fine: Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea Awkward Gaps, Whitenoise Seoul, Korea Monolith Virus, Whitenoise, Seoul, Korea Analogous to Digital, Artspace HYEONG, Seoul, South Korea Studio Hunger opening + friends, ORi Berlin, Berlin, Germany CAVA.CITY.MILAN, Milan, Italy Salt, Pepper or Not, Hinterconti, Hamburg, Germamy Immersed Materiality, White Noise Seoul, Seoul, South Korea Bierdusche und andere schöne Bilder, Galarie Bühlers, Fürth, Germany Foam Talent, Fraunkfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany Foam Talent, Beacons Field Contemporary Art, London, United Kingdom Foam Talent, Red Hook Labs, New York, USA Pictures for Donald, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig Don't You Blame Anyone(Future Comes Quickly), auf AEG, Nürnberg The Scrap, Dongdaemun-gu Wangsan-ro 9 gil, Seoul Foam Talent, Foam Museum, Amsterdam TOPOHAUS, Seoul Alternative space in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea WAYS OF SEEING, Seoul, South Korea 2018   Deutscher Fotobuchpreis, long listed (Bronze medal) 2017   foam TALENT


2024  Columbia University, NY, USA, MFA, Photography

2021   Certificated, Akademie der Bildende Künste, Nürnberg, Class Katja Eydel

2019   Certificated, Akademie der Bildende Künste, Nürnberg, Class Jürgen Teller

2015   Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, BFA, Sculpture

2013   Erasmus, KABK, Den Haag, Netherlands


2023  Half Sticky, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Seoul

2021   Softsharp, Cylinder, Seoul

2018   Kai Drinks No Water, Edel Extra, Nürnberg


2024  Mirae/Building, Low Classic Mirae, Seoul, S.Korea

2023  Tu! Gift, Tu! Take, Tutu Gallery, NY, USA

2022  Rales, wheezes and crackles, Doosan Gallery, Seoul, S.Korea

2021   Lepsy Label, Sosho, Seoul_2021.12

2020   PROXIMITY, Bewerbungsbüro Kulturhauptstadt, Nürnberg, Germany

2019   being-not-being, Yeonhee Grandpark, Seoul, Korea

2018   REAL FAKE. Frappant, Hamburg, Germany

2017   Lfa Kunstkalender Projekt 2018, München

2015   Perfektes Wetter, AM Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014   SNU college of art 2015 Graduation Show, Seoul, South Korea


2019   UNSEEN Platform PRIMERE (with seires'Cityfood)



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