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Moon Insoo

Moon Insoo

Korea, 1955


1955   Born in Seoul


1974   Graduated from Seoul Arts High School

1981   Graduated from plastic art department, art college of Hongik University

1983   Graduated from sculpture department, graduate school of Hongik University Art fair

2013-2023   Kiaf (Seoul)

2013-2013   Gallery Art Fair (Seoul)

2017-2018   Changwon Art Fair (Changwon)

2015-2023   Soaf (Seoul)

2017   Manif (Seoul)

2016_2019   Plastic Art Fair (Seoul)

2015-2023   Daegu Art Fair (Daegu)

2012-2017   Busan Art Fair (Busan)

2011   Miami Art Fair (Miami) +a number of others


2024   e.Jung Gallery (Seoul)

2023   Brown Gallery(Seoul)

2023   e.Jung Gallery (Seoul)

2022   IFC hall (Seoul)

2020   DGB gallery (Daegu)

2017   Geon Gallery (Daegu)

2013   Mokam Museum (Guenggi)

2012   Mokam Museum (Guenggi)

2009   e.jung Gallery (Seoul)

2008   Duroo Gallery(Seoul)

2007   Mokam Museum (Guenggi)

2004   Gowon Museum (Suwon Univ.)

2003   Masan MBC (Masan)

2000   Gallery In(Seoul)

1999   Lee Jung-hee Gallery(Seoul)

1997   Artnet Gallery(Suwon)

1996   Park Young-deok Art Gallery(Seoul)

1994   Park Young-deok Art Gallery(Seoul)

1993   Le Rond-Point Gallery (French Ministry of Culture, Invited by World Arts Center, Le Rond-Point, Paris)

1992   Culture and Arts Promotion Institute Art Hall(Seoul)

1988   Culture and Arts Promotion Institute Art Hall(Seoul)

1987   Batanggol Art Museum(Seoul) +a number of others


1987-95   Ecold de Seoul(Kwanhun Art Museum, Seoul)

1987-99   Korean Association of Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition(Art Hall, Seoul)

1985   Korea Sculptor Association Exhibition(Art Hall, Seoul)

1983-93   Seoul Festival of Contemporary Art(Art Hall, Seoul)

1981   Hongik Sculpture Association Exhibition(Art Hall, Seoul)

1980   Yehong Exhibition(Kwanhun Art Museum, Seoul)


2019   Cross-section of Korean Contemporary Sculpture (Seosomseongji History Museum)

2014   Baum Sculpture Forum (Baum Gallery)

2011   lead to Suwon Maehall (Suwon)

2000   Marine Art Festival(Sejong Culture Assembly Hall, Seoul) / Groping for New Formality(Anyang Culture and Arts Assembly Hall, Anyang)

1998   Korea Association of Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition

(Wonseo Gallery, Seoul)/ May Art Festival(In Art Gallery, Seoul)

KOREAN CONTEMPORARY ART(Cerrillos Cultural Center, USA)

1996   Contemporary Art Communication Exhibition (Park Young-deok Art Gallery, Seoul)/ Korean Contemporary Sculpture Association Exhibition (Korean Culture and Arts Promotion Institute Art Hall, Seoul)

1993   Commemorative Exhibition celebration opening of Seoul Art Center Exhibition Hall(Seoul Art Center, Seoul)/A phase of Korean Contemporary Art(Pyo Art Gallery, Seoul)

1991   Bronze Fish(To Art Space, Seoul)/Works for Children's Playing Space Exhibition(Space Art Museum, Seoul)

1989   Small Sculpture Exhibition(Gallery Seomi, Seoul)/ and other exhibitions +a number of others


2011   Artist of the Year Award (Korean Art Association)

1993   Kim Se-Jung Young Man's Sculpture Prize/ 1992 Total Art Museum Prize/

1986  The 5th Korean Art Competition(the former National Competition) Grand Prix

1985-1984   The 3, 4th Korean Art Competition(the former National Competition)


Work Collection

National Museum of Contemporary Art (Kwachun) / Institute for Culture and Arts Promotion(Seoul)

Pungsaeng High School (Sungnam)

Seoul Art Center (Seoul)

Chejudo Sculpture Park (Cheju)

Total Art Museum (Changheung)

Daewon High School (Seoul)

Daejon Expo Future Theme Park (Daejon)

Daewon Women's High School (Seoul) / Industrial Lease Building (Seoul)

Mokpo Sculpture Park (Mokpo) +a number of others



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