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Mar 3, 2024

Gallery Chang 'K-Art Chronicles' Group Exhibition

K-Art Chronicles. 2024

Gallery Chang in Manhattan, New York, will host the 'K-ART Chronicles' exhibition from March 29th to April 10th. 

This exhibition presents a unique opportunity to explore the artistic worlds of four masters in contemporary Korean art: Cho Yong-Ik, Kim Sea Joong, Moon Insoo, and Oh Kwan Jin.

According to Gallery Chang, Cho Yong Ik is recognized as a pioneer of monochrome painting in Korea, alongside Park Seo-bo, Yun Hyong Keun, Yun Myeung Ro, and Ha Chong Hyun. Through geometric elements and abstract forms, Cho Yong Ik conveys a distinctive aesthetic experience, contributing significantly to the development of Korean art history.

Kim Sea Joong, acclaimed in the global art scene as a 'painter of light,' explores light, space, and time in his artworks. His works delve into spatial and temporal exploration, interpreting surfaces three-dimensionally and addressing the power of light and emotions. By combining painting and sculpture, Kim Sea Joong presents new perspectives, integrating the philosophical meanings of time and spatial senses to pursue 'invisible differentiation.'

Gallery Chang's 'K-ART Chronicles' promises an enlightening encounter with the artistic achievements of these renowned Korean contemporary artists.

Moon Insoo is a pioneer as a sculptor in "iron and concrete," broadening the spectrum of contemporary art. He was the first artist to win the Grand Prize in the sculpture category at the National Art Exhibition in 1986. His iconic sculpture "Red Bull" features a minimalist silhouette in a modernist style, and at this exhibition, he will showcase works including the "Red Bull" sculpture, paintings, special editions, and the "Multicolored Bull" sculpture.

Oh Kwan Jin led the popularization of K-Art (Korean Art) as a painter, embodying the harmony of East and West in his works, notably represented by his Moon Jar series "Emptying and Filling." His artworks have been featured in three major Korean dramas and movies, contributing significantly to promoting Korean art globally.

[Source from THE KOREA DAILY press release, provided by Jongwon Park]

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