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MASTERPIECE (2019-2023)

February 8 – 28, 2024


Gallery Chang is pleased to announce the unveiling of Kim Kang Yong's second solo exhibition in New York, marking the inaugural exhibition for the gallery.

As a distinguished figure in Korean contemporary art, Kim Kang Yong embarked on his artistic journey in the mid-70s, captivated by the hyperrealist movement. It's noteworthy that Korean hyperrealism of that era differed from its American counterpart, reflecting unique perspectives shaped by societal contexts such as the construction boom under the 5-year Economic Development plan.

The 1970s in South Korea witnessed a surge in construction activities, with industrial complexes, express highways, and apartment complexes springing up in major cities as part of this developmental phase. This unique societal background significantly influenced Kim Kang Yong's artistic approach, particularly in themes related to brick and material. The prevalence of construction and urban development during this period became integral to his artistic expression. Kim Kang Yong's exploration of hyperrealism not only captured the visual aspects of his surroundings but also delved into the essence of societal transformation. His utilization of brick and its material distinctly reflects the societal development in South Korea during that era, evident in his works.

Kim Kang Yong's monochrome representation of brick underwent a significant transformation upon his arrival in New York in 2005, where the vibrant spectrum of brick colors in Manhattan captivated him. This experience marked a pivotal shift in his artistic approach, leading to the inception of multicolored works during his time in New York. Upon returning to Korea, Kim Kang Yong continued his asetheic exploration and embarked on technical experimentation, further enriching the depth and diversity of his artistic expression.

Yet, Kim Kang Yong's artistic endeavors extended beyond. The current exhibition at Gallery Chang stands as a testament to his ongoing dedication - a byproduct of his relentless artistic endeavor. Highlighting Kim Kang Yong's latest works spanning from 2019 to 2023, this showcase is a vivid portrayal of his unwavering pursuit of originality and creativity, catalyzing the redefinition of artistic boundaries. His influence extends beyond South Korea, resonating globally and setting new benchmarks in hyper-realism, thereby expanding the horizons of what art can aspire to achieve.

Installation Views


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