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Yoo Choongmok

Yoo Choongmok

Korea, 1977


Born in 1977

Lives in Seoul, Korea




2023   Special solo Exhibition, Boutique Monaco museum, Seoul, Korea

2023   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Formation of Past, Gallery Arioso, Ulsan, Korea

2023   Invitation Solo Exhibition, TIME AND SPACE, Gallery Venus, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2023   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Re – collection, Gallery Afternoon, Seoul, Korea

2022   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Formation – Recollection, Bandi trazos, Seoul, Korea

2022   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Beyond space and time, ART N Edition, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2022   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Formation of Superposition, Print bakery at Grand Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, Korea

2021   Invitation Special solo Exhibition, Memory of Formation, Seoul Wave Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2021   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Alteration, Gallery Marie, Seoul, Korea

2020   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Formation, Studio Kki, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2019   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Choongmok Yoo Invitation Solo Exhibition, Daisy Gallery, Jeju-do, Korea

2018   Invitation Solo Exhibition, Jeju = Star, Space Yenar Gallery, Jeju-do, Korea

Invitation Solo Exhibition, Mutation, Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2015   Invitation Solo Exhibition, The Skin, Woong Gallery, Seoul

2011   Yegam Art Gallery Queens, NY, USA Gallery 1&9 Ridgefield, NJ, USA


2024   2nd Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery Venus, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2023   “Recollection, Remembrance” Duo Exhibition, Brown Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2023   Duo Exhibition, Print bakery Lotte World Tower, Seoul, Korea

2023   “Selected Marong #3“, Group Exhibition, Selected Marong, Seoul, Korea

2023   “Motion of silence” Duo Exhibition, Print bakery Centum City, Busan, Korea

2023   “Peace of Mind” Duo Exhibition, ART N Edition, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2023   “Premiere”, Group Exhibition, Aria Gallery, Daejeon, Korea

2023   “The Black Rabbit, Lights up Yongsan” Group Exhibition, Gallery Kki, Seoul, Korea

2022   “Past, Present and Myself” Group Exhibition, Gallery La Luna, Seoul, Korea

2022   Special Invitation Group Exhibition, Gallery Luha, Seoul, Korea

2022   “Beyond the visible” Duo Exhibition, Lina gallery, Seoul, Korea

2022   “Rules and Freedom” Duo Exhibition, ART SPACE KC, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2022   “Reflection” Duo Exhibition, EUGENE GALLERY, Seoul, Korea

2021   “ART SUMMER” Duo Exhibition, Print bakery Lotte World Tower, Seoul, Korea

2021   “Side by side” Star-field Goyang, Polestar Art Gallery, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2021   “KIAF” Gallery Parkyoung, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2021   ”JAD festa“ jeju art design festa, Jeju Camphortree Hotel & Resort, Jeju, Korea

2021   “The Biographies of San-zi” Art Festa in Jeju, SJC Gallery, Jeju, Korea

2021   “Re-brand new” EUGENE GALLERY, Seoul, Korea


2023   Magazine - Style H 2023.06, Korea

2020   Magazine - Jeju in, Korea

2020   Magazine - Monthly Essay, Korea

2020   Magazine - Money vol.186, Korea

2019   Magazine - Art n Design 2019.10, Korea

2018   Magazine – Korean Crafts Council, Korea

2018   Magazine - Monthly Ceramic Art, Korea

2007   Niche magazine articles and front advertisement, USA

2007   Rochester Insider Newsletter Arts category, USA

2006   Craft Forms12th Annual Magazine, USA

2004   Magazine - Cheongju Museum Glass Artist Exhibition, Korea

2003   New Glass Review Vol.24, Corning, USA

1998   Segye Newspaper Page2 “Unification Sculpture Park”, Korea


Audemars Piguet, Seoul, Korea

DubleTree by Hilton, Seoul, Korea

Walker Hill Hotel & Resort, Seoul, Korea

Sofitel Ambassador Hotel & Resort, Seoul, Korea

Gallery Parkyoung, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Dogye Glass World, Gangwon, Korea

“YUHAN”, Seoul, Korea

Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

The National Gallery in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Global Art Venue Gallery in Seattle, WA, USA

Seoul Museum of Craft Art, Seoul, Korea

Pamela Lee Biallas in Bellevue, WA, USA

Dr. Samret & Mr. Bernie in Buffalo, NY, USA



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