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Oh Kwan Jin

Oh Kwan Jin

Korea, 1963



1983-1987   Hongik University


The 38th individual exhibition (New York Gallery Chang) 

Kate Oh Gallery 3rd invitation

Feelapp Gallery invitation exhibition

Emptying, and Chaeum Gallery invitation exhibition

Bukchon Hanok Center

Gallery 2 invitation exhibition

Hotel 28 Gallery invitation exhibition

Gallery Coop 3rd invitation exhibition

Gallery Mare invitation exhibition

Park Young Gallery invitation

the exhibition, Korean Cultural Center (Paris)

Becken Gallery Invitation (IBK Hannam-dong PBCenter)

Gallery Force Invitation exhibition

Jang Eun-sun Gallery Invitation

Hanwon Art Museum Invitation

Alto Art Fair Busan (Centum Hotel)

Maekyung-Open Auction Selection Artist Exhibition (Maeil Economy Headquarters)

Myung-dong Gallery Invitation Exhibition

Booth Personal Exhibition (Unit Arts Center)

Paris La Defense (New Improvement Gate)

Japan Donggyeong

Hwaji Gallery Invitation Exhibition

Jongro Gallery 2nd invitation

La Mer Gallery Invitation

Gwanhun Gallery

Hanseon Gallery

City Museum of Art

Fair Gallery Invitation

Byeokgang Gallery Invitation




Vietnam Art Fair

Singapore Art Fair

Miami Art Fair

New York International Art Fair

Istanbul Art Fair, Daegu Art Fair

Manif International Art Fair

Hwarang Art Festival and International Exchange Exhibition

270 exhibitions


Korea Art Exhibition Special Prize

Korean Art Exhibition Excellence Award

Manif Award

International Exhibition Japan Fan Painting Exhibition Award

Asian Art Exhibition Grand Prize

Kyunghyang Housing Art Fair Grand Prize


Harvard University, Okura Hotel (Macao), French Korean Cultural Center, National Museum of

Modern and Contemporary Art, SK Group, Oriental Steel Chemical Group (OCI), Paradise Hotel

Group, Parliament House, RMIT University, Singapore SOTA International School, Ottogi Group,

Gyeonggi-do Museum, Majaesung Jibondang, Hanwon Museum of Art, Suwon University Goeun

Museum of Art, Donggyeongji Gallery, Hanil Steel, hospitals and businesses, and a large number

of private collections. Collaboration: Samsung Life Insurance, AmorePacific, Korea Ginseng

Corporation, Ottogi Group, a house full of happiness


The Discovery of KBS-1TV Reading in 2011 features a special Chuseok astronaut, Lee So-Yeon

Sharing stories about the moon and moon pots (1 hour)

2012   SBS TV weekend drama "A Delicious Life" (Lim Bu-deul, Ye Ji-won, )

2013   SBS TV Wednesday and Thursday drama "The Wind Blows in Winter" (Cho In-sung, Song Hye-Kyo, Kim Bum, Bae Jong-ok)

2013   SBS TV weekend drama "The Incarnation of Money" (Kang Ji-hwan, Park Sang-min, Hwang Jung-Eum)

2013   SBS TV morning drama "Your Woman" (Lee Yoo-ri, Park Yoon-Jae, Imho)

2013   SBS TV Wed and Thursdays drama "Everything about the inside" (Shin Ha-Kyun, Lee Min-Jeong, Park Hee-soon)

2013   SBS TV weekend drama 'Goddess of Marriage' (Nam Sang-mi, Cho Min-soo, Kim Ji-hoon, Lee Sang-woo and Lee Tae-ran)

2013 SBS TV Monday-Tuesday drama "The Golden Empire" (Ko Soo, Lee Yo-won, Son Hyun-Joo, Jang Shin-young, and Park Geun-young)

KBS TV Monday-Friday drama "Ruby Ring" in 2013 (Lee So-Yeon, Kim Seok-hoon, Lim Jeong-eun, Jeong Ae-ri, Park Kwang-hyun)

2013   KBS TV Monday-Tuesday drama "Prime Minister and Me" (Lee Bum-soo, Yoon Yoon Si-yoon, Chae Jung-an, Ryujin)

KBS TV Monday-Tuesday drama "Full of Sun" in 2014 (Yoon Gye-sang, Han Ji-hye, Cho Jin-woong)

2014   KBS TV weekend drama "Very Good Times" (Lee Seo-jin, Kim Hee-sun, and Kim Ji-ho)

2014   SBS TV Monday-Tuesday drama "God's Gift" (Cho Seung-woo, Lee Bo-young, Kim Tae-woo, Jung-Woon)

2014   SBS TV weekend drama 'Endless Love' (Hwang Jung-eum, Ryu Soo-young, Jung Kyung-ho, Cha In-Pyo)

2014   KBS TV Monday-Friday drama "There Is a Cat" (Choi Yoon-young, Hyun-woo, Choi Min, Jeon Hyo-sung, Dokgo Young-jae)

2014   KBS TV Friday-Saturday drama "Producer" (Kim Soo-hyun, Gong Hyo-jin, Cha Tae-hyun)

2015   Returning Golden Bok (Shim Hye-jin, Jeon Mi-Seon, Jeon No-min, Lee Hye-sook, Shin Da-eun), SBS TV's Monday-Friday drama

2015   SBS TV Monday-Friday morning drama 'My mother is my daughter-in-law (Kim Hye-ri, Moon Bo-ryeong, Lee Yong-joon, Oh Young-sil)

2015-2016   MBC TV 'My Daughter Geum Sa-Wol (Baek Jin-hee, Jeon In-hwa, Son Ji-chang)

2016   TVN 'Cheese in the Trap' (Park Hae-jin, Kim Go-eun, Seo Kang-joon, Lee Sun-kyung)

2016   KBS2 TV "Descendants of the Sun" (Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-Kyo)

2016   SBS TV Monday-Friday drama "Love Is Coming" (Kim Ji-young, Ko Se-hoon, Na Sun-young, Lee Hoon)

2017   SBS TV 'Whispers' (Lee Sang-yoon and Lee Bo-young)

2017   KSB2 TV 'Ssam My Way' (Park Seo-joon, Kim Ji-won, Ahn Jae-hong)

2017   KSB2 TV 'Lanzerry Girls' Generation' (Bona, Chae Seo-jin, Seo Young-joo)

2017   SBS TV 'Sweet Enemy' (Park Eun-hye, Yoo Gun, Lee Jae-woo)

2019   SBS TV 'Suspicious Mother-in-law' (Kim Hye-sun, Shin Da-eun, Park Jin-woo)

2021   TVN TV 'Divided Cohabitation' in 2021 (Jang Ki-yong, Hye-ri, Kang Han-na)



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