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Kim Sea Joong

Kim Sea Joong

Korea, 1968



2006  Diploma Master of the Plastic Arts in University of Paris 8

2002  Diploma Licence of Visual Art at the University of Paris 8

1999  Ecole des Beaux Arts de Versailles


2001-2002  Principal of French-Korean Young Artist Association

2007-2008  Leader of Korean Wall Painting Research and Reservation Association


2013  Gwangju Art Museum

2011  National Modern Art Museum(Art Bank)


2018- GANA Studio, Jangheung

2016 Purples Studio, Kukso

2014 Cité International, Paris

2013  Purples Studio, Dukso

2010  GANA Studio, Jangheung

2009  GONG Art Space Residency (Hwantheeai Leesoochung), Beijing


2023 Echo of light, Brown Gallery, Seoul

2023 Crack, Between, Light 2, Eun Gallery, Seoul

2023 The lights of perception 2, Lina Gallery, Seoul

2022 The lights of perception, GONG Art Space, Seoul

2022 Crack, Between, Light, Gallery 1, Seoul

2022 THE ONE PIECE OF ART : Bleu Créer, ARTBN, Seoul

2021 L’abîme de lumière, Space Sagik, Seoul

2020 Reconstitution de l’espace,2, Space BA, Seoul

2020 Reconstitution de l’espace,2, Atelier Pondi, Seoul

2018 Reconstitution de l’espace,1, Space BA, Seoul

2017  L`envers et L`endroit, Purples Gallery, Dukso

2014  Préciosité, GALLERY BK, Seoul

2010  Les fleur de Mal, GALLERY EM, Seoul

2008  KIM SEA-JOONG, Gong Gallery, Seoul

2006  Reconstitution de l’espace,5, Gallery Cite des Arts, Paris

2006  Reconstitution de l’espace 4, Gallery Kim Bernardin, Paris

2005  Reconstitution de l’espace 3, Gallery Espace Tristan Bernard, Paris

2000  Reconstitution de l’espace,2, Gallery La maison d’Olive, Paris

1999  Reconstitution de l’espace,1, Gallery Elephant Blanc, Paris


2023 Westbound Art Fair, Print Bakery, Shanghai, China

2023 Five Lights, Gallery TTE Art, Seoul

2023 ‘Collector’s Eye-Focus’, Gallery Chiro, Seoul

2023 AJAC 40th anniversary exhibition, Space Sagik, Seoul

2023 Art Busan, Gallery Now, Busan

2023 Galleries Art Fair, Gallery Now, Seoul

2023 Myorungjen<mysterious story>, Coex, Seoul

2022 Urban Break Art Fair, ArtBN, Coex, Seoul

2022 Group 23.5°, Garllery Gaia, Seoul

2022 THRU(Kim Nampyo, Kim Seajoong, Yoon Doojin), ArtBN, Seoul

2022 Blue to Blue, Nouveau Art, Jeju

2022 Art Space LAP PREVIEW, Art Space LAP, Seoul

2022 Seoul Hotel Art Fair, Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul

2021 Art Walks into PANGYO, Artspace KC, Pangyo

2021 Dongduk Education and Culture Center Opening Exhibition, Dongduk Education and Culture Center, Seoul

2021 Five Splendor Monocrhrome, 2021 Junnam International Sumuk Biennale, Junnam

2021 Any traces, Turning Gaze_a mark, Sahmyook Building, Seoul

2020 If you realize hearing and blue(Kim Seajoong, Sin Giun), Empty house project, Seoul

2020 BAMA Busan Art Fair, Busan

2020 Super Color, Super Artists, Lee Seoul Gallery, Seoul

2019 Past, Present, and Future Warfare for Dongduk People, Dongduk Women’s University Museum, Seoul

2019 Accumulation-Build up Time(Kim Seajoong, Lee Sunmi), Piamo Gallery, Seoul

2019 100 Movies 100 Artists-100 years of Korean cinema, Lotte Jamsil Avenuel, Seoul

2019 Beyond and Expansion, Atelier Aki, Seoul

2019 Six Exhibits(Good hand skills), GANA Artcenter, Seoul

2018 From Here to Eternity, B-Gallery, Turku, Finland

2018 Virtual Real, 2tti, Seoul

2018 Atelier next to the Art Museum, Gana Artpark, Jangheung

2018 Point. Line. Plane, Cheonan Arts Center, Cheonan

2018 100 Movies 100 Artists, Lotte Avenuel Arthall, Seoul

2017 Late night Yamako, Incheon Art platform G1, Incheon

2017  Art Central Hong Kong 2017, Atelier Aki Gallery, Hong Kong

2017  London Art Fair 2017, Business Design Centre, London

2016  Traces of expansion, LJA gallery, Seoul

2016  Art Carpe dium, Black Stone Gallery, Icheon

2016  Androgyny Ⅲ & Gallery Weekend korea2016,atelier aki gallery,Seoul

2016  Start Art Fair, SAATCHI Gallery, London

2016  2016 Art Busan -Atelier Aki Gallery, Bexco, Busan

2016  G.P.S   Art Navigator, gallery PURPLE, Deokso

2016  Singapore Contemporary Art Show - Atelier Aki Gallery, Singapore

2015  Androgyny Atelier Aki Gallery, Seoul

2015  Colors of Three People,gaiieryBlack stone, Yeoju

2015  Spore, Gallery hogan, Seoul

2015  Echo round,gana insaartcenter,seoul

2015  Nature, Science, Mixed Art, NARO Space Center Museum, Goheung

2014  GLOVE, Lig Art Space, Seoul

2014  Changwon Asia Art Festival, Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon

2014  COOL RUNNING, Lotte Gallery, Seoul

2013  POST PARIS, Gallery WE, Seoul

2013  GWANGJU ART FAIR, Gong Art Space, Gwangju

2013  STUDIO RESIDENCY EXHIBITION, Gallery Purple, Dukso

2013 ‘TIME DIFFERENCE’, Gallery Eang, Seoul

2013  PRIMAVERA, Armway Art Museum, Bundang

2013  Spring Breeze in the Yard of Dasahun, Woman Chosun(Dasahun), Seoul

2012  Landscape dot Human, LIG Art Space, Seoul

2012  Icheon International Sculpture Symposium Special Exhibition, Icheon Art Hall, Icheon

2012  Triangle Time Differnce, Gallery Palette, Seoul

2012  Harmony of the Inner Side, Black Stone Gallery, Icheon

2011  Return to Korea, Moodeung Gallery, Gwangju

2011  Monotype Exhibition, Black Stone Gallery, Icheon

2011  TIME DIFFERENCE, Ami Art, Dangjin

2011  CLIO BOX, Insa Art Center, Seoul

2011  Nouveaux departs, Iang Gallery, Seoul

2011  Time Differnce (Paris 80 and after… Image), Gallery Palette, Seoul

2010  Chungdam Art Festival, 48 Chungdam, Seoul

2010  Daegu Art Fair, Gallery EM, Daegu

2010  Street Art Exhibition, Sung Kyun Gallery, Seoul

2010  Happy Dishes Exhibition, Gong Art Space, Seoul

2010  ASIA Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2010, Gallery EM, Seoul

2010  SEOUL Open ART FAIR (SOAF), Gallery EM, Seoul

2010  Nous Somme, Alternative  Space Exhibition, Seoul

2010  TIME DIFFERENCE, Gallery Cerestar, Seoul

2009  Beautiful Bridge, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2009  CUVE, Gallery Space-da, Beijing

2009  Decalage horaire, Gallery Iang, Seoul

2009  SPRING- BEFORE IT COMES AROUND, Gallery Sonamou, Seoul

2009  THE OLD FUTURE, Topohaus, Seoul

2009  New Generation of New Space, Kring, Seoul

2008  Ace Artists Hotel Art Fair 2008, Hotel Ramadasuite, Seoul

2008  Cinqs entre-espace(FIVE ENTRANCES), See&Sea Gallery, Busan

2007  Decalage horaire, Gallery Young, Seoul

2007  A HAPPY REVENGE, Gallery Liz, Namyangju

2007  The Room2007, Gallery Hyundai(mia), Seoul

2007  The Room2007, Gallery Velvet, Seoul

2006  Exhibition of “the 22nd Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

2006  BEFORE, LIKE A DREAM (Comme un rêve), Gallery Mille Plateaux, Paris

2005  Exhibition of “the 22nd Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

2004  2nd International meetings of contemporary art of Chizé, Chizé

2004  Exhibition of “the 21st Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

2003  Male &Female Paris, Space Tristan Bernard. Paris

2003  Self-portraits, Center of Sports activities and cultural, Paris

2003  Exhibition of “the 20th Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

2002  1ème Young Painters of Seoul, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2002  COREE 2002: Contemporary art, the Town hall of 4th Arrondissement of Paris

2002  Exhibition of “The 19th Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

2002  6th Salon d‘Art Contemporian, Center of Chelles Culture, Chelles

2001  Exhibition of “the 18th Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

2000  The Exhibition of Korean Young Artists in France 2000, Theatre d’Angers, Angers

2000  The Exhibition of Korean Young Artists in France 2000, Bibliotheque d’Anger, Angers

2000  Exhibition of “the 17th Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

1999  Hello Millénium, Presse Center, Seoul

1999  Hello Millénium, Municipal Galerie of Seogupo, Seogupo

1999  J.P.C 33, Galerie Gana-Beaubourg, Paris

1999  Exhibition of “the 16th Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris

1998  Exhibition of “the 15th Young Korean Artist”, Center of Korean Culture, Paris



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