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The Hidden Masterpiece

April 11 – May 4, 2024


Cho Yong Ik, a prominent figure in the realm of Korean monochrome art, is renowned for his exploration of the aesthetics of ‘revealing the void.’ His artistic method involves repetitive actions that embody a spirit of negation, resulting in works characterized by a delicate balance of traces and empty space created through the process of applying and erasing pigments, reflecting the process of discovering one’s own realm in accordance with the principles of a single stroke. Alongside other key figures in Korean monochrome art such as Park Seo Bo, Chung Sanghwa, Ha Chong Hyun, Yun Hyong Keun, and Jung Chang Sub, Cho Yong Ik has played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse surrounding Korean abstract painting. This exhibition not only unveils the hidden masters of monochrome art but also provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of Korean abstract painting, positioning Cho Yong Ik’s works within the broader context of the genre’s development in Korea.

Installation Views


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