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Emptying to Enrichment: Moon Jar’s Path

February 16 – March 17


Under the esteemed guidance of Chang Jun Hwan, whose expertise spans renowned galleries worldwide, Gallery Chang is poised to revolutionize Middletown's cultural landscape, drawing inspiration from Dia:Beacon's transformative influence and envisioning Middletown, NY, as the next cultural beacon. Director Chang Jun Hwan, known for his involvement in notable endeavors including the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics, envisions Gallery Chang not merely as an art gallery, but as a dynamic cultural hub fostering creativity, igniting community engagement, and catalyzing artistic expression in Middletown, NY. The inaugural exhibition at Gallery Chang's Middletown venue will showcase the solo works of Oh Kwan Jin, presented under the evocative title "Emptying to Enrichment: Moon Jars Path” Running from February 16th to March 17th, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Oh Kwan Jin's acclaimed artworks, which also include his notable contributions to Korean drama sets, cherished by K-pop enthusiasts and drama aficionados. Notably, Oh Kwan Jin's exhibition will feature new paintings, including "Blue Dragon," inspired by the Eastern astrological tradition where 2024 marks the Year of the Blue Dragon. This thematic piece adds a unique cultural resonance to the collection, complementing Oh Kwan Jin's new 2024 works. To mark this momentous occasion, the opening day festivities will be graced by a live performance from Oh Kwan Jin himself, offering attendees an intimate encounter with his artistry. With a seamless fusion of Eastern and Western influences, Oh Kwan Jin's oeuvre epitomizes Gallery Chang's commitment to promoting cross-cultural dialogue and appreciation. Distinguished guests, including the Mayor of Middletown and notable VIPs from various spheres, will be in attendance, underscoring the significance of Gallery Chang's endeavor in enriching both the local arts scene and the broader cultural landscape. “In Middletown, NY, Gallery Chang isn't just about art—it's a lively cultural hub," remarked Director Chang Jun Hwan during an interview. "We aim to foster creativity, community engagement, and cross-cultural dialogue, making a meaningful impact beyond the canvas."

"Gallery Chang Set to Redefine Middletown's Artistic Identity"

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